NMAC Commercial Line of Credit

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) provides a line of credit (LOC) that is not only customized for your business needs, but also helps streamline your lease or purchase process. Coggin Nissan on Atlantic's team is Nissan Business Certified and excited to answer your questions about this financing option.  


NMAC's Commercial Line of Credit is an established maximum loan amount which can be drawn on as needed by your company.  This provides you with the ability to:

  • Easily add vehicles to your fleet as your business grows
  • Take advantage of flexible commercial financing options based on the number and types of Nissan commercial vehicles you need


The first step in planning your Nissan commercial vehicle acquisition may be the consideration of a NMAC line of credit:

  • Coggin Nissan on Atlantic's commercial team has the industry knowledge and motivation to make financing your fleet vehicles simple and problem-free
  • Your financing plan will be determined by your business's unique characteristics and will be structured to maximize your total fleet investment
  • Our Signature-branded commercial leasing programs allow customers with approved credit to choose the transaction which best fits their vehicle's location and condition


All Nissan models qualify for a NMAC line of credit, which also features:

  • Pre-approved annual credit limits
  • Competitive market rates
  • Negotiable down payments and officer/owner guarantees
  • No administrative or retention fees to open or maintain under the NMAC line of credit program


Are you ready to open your Commercial Line of Credit with the team at Coggin Nissan on Atlantic?  You can get a head start by downloading the forms below:

Commercial TRAC Leasing

TRAC LEASING at Coggin Nissan on Atlantic Commercial Vehicles

Whether you think about it or not, the vehicles in your fleet are a part of your company's image. In fact, the trucks and vans you use to do business are often the first branded item your customers see.  You know first impressions are important, and NMAC Commercial Vehicle Lending can assist you in building a profitable business image.

Did you know that NMAC offers both flexible purchase loans and lease packages based on per-vehicle usage for Coggin Nissan on Atlantic Commercial Vehicles customers?  So before you decide on a financing plan, please consider the following circumstances in terms of your vehicle fleet needs:

  • Annual Mileage.
  • Lease or Loan Terms.
  • Vehicle Application(s).
  • Vehicle specifications.
Financing a new commercial truck or van in Jacksonville, Florida, is easy thanks to the in-house team of auto financing experts at Coggin Nissan on Atlantic. We can answer all your questions about TRAC Leasing options.

What is TRAC Leasing?

We believe TRAC Leasing is THE automotive financing solution for business owners, large and small. TRAC stands for a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause, which is designed as a leasing option for vehicles used more than 50 percent of the time in the trade or business of customer (lessee). A TRAC lease is a unique type of FMV lease. The risk (as well as the reward) of owning a vehicle is granted to the customer through the TRAC provision.

It is important to note that the TRAC lease option has a preset residual value, a great advantage since this all but eliminates the lessee's risk of a Fair Market Value Settlement at lease maturity.

Advantages of getting on "TRAC" with NMAC in Florida

  1. Available seasonal terms and tax-affected payment structures.
  2. Taxes, up-fits, and the installation cost of accessories can be factored into the capitalized cost of the lease.
  3. TRAC Services and conveniences are not available with most other financing products.
  4. All Nissan vehicles qualify.
  5. NMAC's lease terms are certainly an advantage for qualified buyers.
  6. Favorable accounting treatments provide benefits to cash flow.
  7. Customer and dealer set the residual value together with NMAC approval.
  8. One-stop shopping for vehicle ordering and financing.
TRAC Lease and Tax Advantages

TRAC Leases are often termed off-balance sheet financing, a style of lease which is generally treated as a 100 percent tax-deductible expense or operation, not a capital expense. You should consult your personal tax professional for more information.

More about TRAC Leasing for Commercial Vehicles in Florida

You know that working capital is the foundation of any profitable business operation. NMAC's line of credit program is a valuable tool for principals and partners who understand the importance of accessible capital. Following an initial review/approval of your application for credit, your business will be able to lease or purchase vehicles when you need them. We know that as your business grows your business's NMAC line of credit will be there to support each new venture.  

If you're looking to buy a new Nissan NV 1500, NV2500 or NV 3500 in Florida or a fleet of commercial vans or trucks, the Business Certified commercial team at Coggin Nissan on Atlantic in Jacksonville can help you out.