The Nissan Versa Note Is Perfect For Spring!

Small, compact, durable and fun? You just described the Nissan Versa Note! Take a look into what makes this tiny vehicle feel larger than life.


Quite the standout on the roads, the Nissan Versa Note doesn't go unnoticed due to its tiny frame and sometimes loud coloring. A bold yet compact vehicle is what Nissan aimed for and they totally didn't miss. Aerodynamic headlights will brighten any road on any day, unless the…
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2018 Is Bringing The Kicks! The All-New Nissan Kicks That is!

Welcome the all-new 2018 Nissan Kicks to the Nissan family and vehicle lineup! 

The subcompact SUV has officially made its debut in the USA at the LA Auto Show. The youthful name is perfect for its youthful, but fun filled size to enter the auto market in North America. Presenting a slightly bigger size than the Nissan Juke, the Kicks makes due with its 1.6 liter, four-cylinder engine which produces 125 horsepower. With is…
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Keep Your Vehicle Healthy For Your Next Holiday Roadtrip

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Are you traveling for the holidays? We want to make sure you have a fun and safe trip on the highway this holiday season. Follow these few tips to ensure your vehicle is well prepared for the roads!

1.) Schedule a tune-up 
  • Making sure that your vehicle is in safe condition before you hit the road is very critical. Bad weather conditions, bumpy highways, and extreme summer heat are a few factors that may make…
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We Can Fit Anyone's Budget!

Searching for a newer car? Well the time is now with us here at Coggin Nissan on Atlantic! With our wide range selection of vehicles New, Used and CPO, you are sure to find the vehicle you are looking for. Even on a budget, we have you covered!

Right now, Coggin Nissan on Atlantic has pre-owned vehicles on our lot under $10K! 

We understand that everyones budget is different, but that does not mean we…
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The Perfect Time To Buy CPO!

Affording a brand new car off the lot, may not always be the most economically thing for everyone to do. We all have our own financial story, but that shouldn't stop you from driving off the lot in nothing but the best. In the market for a newer car? Try Certified Pre-Owned!


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Certified Pre-Owned vehicles go through many rigorous test, and multiple multi-point inspections to ensure that this classified vehicle is safe, and up…
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