The Renault-Nissan Alliance is Buying French software development company

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is Buying French software development company, Sylpheo, to increase the expansion of its connected vehicle and mobility services programs.

One September 20,2016 Ogi Redzic, Alliance senior vice president of Connected Vehicles and Mobility Services accounced the acquisition."The Sylpheo team of software developers and cloud engineers joining the Alliance will have a unique opportunity to work on our next generation of connected cars and other advanced technologies," said Redzic. "They will be playing a critical role in this new era of tremendous change for the global auto industry."

This Alliance will introduce more than 10 vehicles with autonomous drive technology by 2020.Connected car technology will enhance the buyers experience, allow the Alliance to present creative new services to customers, and drive incresed business efficiency.

This buyout is the Alliance's most recent action toward increasing development. After Redzic's designation in January lead the the mobility abd connectivity services team, started a recruitment strategy to hire 300 technology employees.

"Sylpheo's team of 40 engineers and consultants will bring software development and cloud engineering expertise to the organization," said Redzic. "The technology they will help develop will mean better products and services for our customers and efficiency for our business. The acquisition of Sylpheo is just one of many steps Renault-Nissan Alliance is taking to ensure its continued innovation leadership in the automotive industry."

The acquistion represents Renault-Nissan's commitment to creating an automotive feature with zero emissions and zero fatalities. Whether it is electric vehicles, autonomous drive or connectivity services, the Alliance strategy is to incorporate advanced technology on mass market vehicles at affordable prices.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.